Babolat have designed bags of many sizes and colours to suit the needs of all players. The structure and material of all carry bags are new with both a fresh and innovative look. The biggest size being of a 78L capacity (12 racquets), is designed specifially for competitive players, but can also cater for a broader appeal due to its many useful functions. Other bag sizes included are to fit 9 racquets, 6 racquets, or 3 racquets. Travel bags and back packs are also available.





Pro Kennex also provide bags in various sizes and colours. The largest bag will fit approximately 12 racquets, whilst the rest of the range can accomodate anything less, even down to a single racquet bag. They are lined with "Thermo" material, allowing no moisture, and keeping everything cool inside.





Technifibre knows that the bags of the players suffer over the years from the weather, and constant travelling. They have now provided a range of bags made from Tarpaulin material, which is unbreakable and waterproof. They have also added heat-sealed rails, and reinforced seams and handles. These bags and their breakthrough technological design will reduce wear and tear heavily, over an extended period of time. The biggest of them all can carry up to an outstanding 15 racquets, right the way down to a 1-2 racquet back pack, with something to suit everyone.