Hotshots Matchplay



Hotshots Junior Competitions - an introduction to matchplay for first time players.


These competitions are for junior players wishing to start getting involved in both singles and doubles match play. The short format and team play enables young children to become highly involved in a friendly and relaxed environment with supervision and assistance.
They are currently held on Monday for Advanced Hotshots (Green Ball), Tuesday for Level 2 Beginner Hotshots (Orange Ball), Wednesday Level 1 Hotshots (Red Ball) and Thursday for Level 3 Intermediate Hotshots (Green Ball).

The competition runs for 1 hour from 4-5pm and is played over 6-7 weeks during the school terms. Teams consist of 2 Players and each week they play a match which incorporates 1 singles set per player + 1 doubles set.

Trophies/Prizes are awarded on the final week of each term, and all players are treated to pizza and drinks at the presentation inside the clubhouse.


Click here for a copy of the current DRAWS


Your coaches at Tennis Camden will let you know when they think it is time for you to commence matchplay. You need to be able to serve, rally and score. Talk to Laurie or Ben if you would like more information or to enter.